Meditation Teacher Training

This is a unique 10 month 150 hour in-depth and comprehensive training program. The core 130 contact hours provide an experiential exploration of meditation, mysticism, philosophy and spiritual lifestyle training. The additional 20 non-contact hours provide an opportunity to experience compassionate service.

Meditation is the art of stilling our mental and emotional turbulence. In its simplest application it can be used for relaxation and stress reduction, and bring us to an awareness of the important interconnection between our minds and bodies. Meditation can help us manage our physical and emotional pain and give us a tool to use to cope with the apparent disharmony in our lives. At a deeper level, meditation can help us to release our emotional blockages. It can help us to face and work through our pain, and bring healing to the heart and body. This healing allows us to open the heart and integrate our spiritual nature with our mind, our emotions and our body. When our mind and emotions are balanced and harmonized, then we have access to our true inner spiritual nature. We begin to have a healthy appreciation for our life and the lives of others. Our world is seen through new eyes, and we can start to perceive the interconnection and interdependence of all creation.


This is a program that will bring about transformation and change in your life. You will learn to transform old habits and develop new patterns of behavior. You will learn to move forward in your life, to trust in the Universal Divine Principle, and learn to be open to “What is next.” You will acquire the skills to be a Spiritual Leader, and learn how to be an instrument of the Divine. We will learn how to assist others to grow and develop on their own personal spiritual journey.


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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly:
Tony Murdock:, or (905) 820-4706