Prenatal YTT Faculty

Angela Jackson

angela-prenatalI began practicing yoga years before I was pregnant, but when I was expecting my babies my yoga practice evolved and became so much more amazing. After I completed my teacher training with Cynthia Funk at the Yoga Sanctuary I knew I wanted to teach Prenatal Yoga. What I didn’t realize initially was how much I would love sharing my experiences, learning from my students’ experiences and being a part of their journeys. When I teach Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga I am tapping into an intuitive side of myself and I feel so at home. I want my students to feel powerful, strong, relaxed and grounded. I want them to absolutely love their pregnancies just like I did. I want them to be excited about their impending labour just like I was. And I want them to feel supported and connected in their new lives as Mothers. When I guide my students in their practice I feel like they are also guiding me as a woman and a Mother....and this is why I love teaching! I want to share the passion and love I have for teaching prenatal and postnatal with other soon-to-be teachers as teaching this form of yoga is a such a gift and a rewarding experience.